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Jade Gillett + Brent Gold

Jade Gillett and Brent Gold opened the doors to Rainbow Studios in 2021. Combining their love for art and design to hero local and international artists in a conceptual space alongside their jewelry label Henson & Gold. Jade introduced us to Frankie Tobin sparking our Artistic collaboration and the launch of our first jewelry collection through a design partnership with Henson & Gold.

We spoke to Jade & Goldie for YES SIR.

SIR. You first opened the doors to Rainbow Studios in 2021 – a creatively driven concept space that embodies the emotion and sensation evoked by the sight of a Rainbow. Tell us more about this feeling, and what inspired you to open the space.   

JADE: We want anyone who comes into our showroom or attends one of our events to feel a sense of warmth and happiness, excitement and inspiration. RAINBOW STUDIOS has evolved into a place of discovery which allows us to connect and showcase the wonderful talent in Australia as well as internationally. We wanted to create a space that was forever changing and growing and always delivering something new to our growing community. 

SIR. What do you look for when curating Artists for Rainbow Studios? 

JADE: I think the amazing thing about RAINBOW STUDIOS is that we have created a platform that allows us to showcase and support Artists/Designers who have a point of difference and want to reach people on a personal level. When we’re curating Artists to showcase, we’ve found that the connection between us all is something that really makes the partnership work. Of course the art itself will always be the first thing that attracts us to the Artists but to also build a relationship with them and to know there is a mutual understanding of the commitment of working together, this is what always feels right when we are selecting who we work with. 

SIR. You introduced us to Frankie Tobin, igniting our SIR. x Frankie Tobin collaboration. What drew you to her work and how did you and Frankie first connect? 

JADE: Frankie was introduced to me by a friend who is based in LA. As soon as we looked at Frankie’s work we knew we had the perfect place to showcase. Frankie was part of the opening of RAINBOW STUDIOS back in 2021 and she has followed our journey from the start so this is a really special moment to see her work grow into SIR. as well as into our jewelry brand Henson and Gold. We adore her unique shapes, her colour palettes and just the genuine softness that comes through her work, just like her beautiful self! We’re so excited to support Frankie here in Australia and to continue to deliver new works from her to our community. 

SIR. Our SIR. x Frankie Tobin collaboration wouldn't have been possible without you both. It also led to us designing our first jewelry capsule as a design collaboration with your other baby, Henson & Gold. 

Our design team worked closely with you to pull shapes from Frankie’s artworks to which were then formed into our newly launched singular earring collection. From sketches, to moulds, to reality – can you talk us through the process of crafting the earrings? 

GOLDIE: We wanted to make sure that Frankie’s shapes really came to life through each earring, but to also ensure the shapes worked as an accessory and were flattering around the face. We experimented with wax that I hand carved and moulded into different versions to see which would work best as earrings. Playing around with the shapes to see which worked best together or on their own, then adding in the resin stones. Once we chose the designs that worked best, we sent the wax moulds to get cast into brass and then worked on the final sample set. Seeing the final designs come together was so exciting for us all, it really has been a great experience and process. Especially as this is a new category for SIR. it’s been awesome to be involved in this journey and to bring our brands together merging our loves of art, design and jewelry. 

SIR. What are some of the main considerations you think about when making jewellery? 

GOLDIE: I think it’s always about understanding the customer and making sure I’m capturing their wants and needs from the very start. Jewelry is very personal and each piece I make has been created with the customer front of mind. Even when working on engagement rings and when I can’t meet the person because it’s a surprise, I make sure I see a photo of the person who I’m designing for so I can understand their individual style to ensure that this design will suit their everyday lifestyle, fashion as well as the other jewelry they may already wear. 

SIR. The jewelry collection features resin bead details, pulling from colours inspired by the artworks Frankie created for SIR. Where do you pull inspiration from in your Henson & Gold pieces? 

GOLDIE: Henson and Gold has always been inspired by natural and organic textures and markings. Creating unique and one of a kind pieces that are designed and made to suit your individual style. We love working with our clients and creating something so unique to them. Every piece we make is different and I think that is what makes our jewelry so unquestionably unique. 

SIR. Your favourite piece of jewellery from our design collaboration? 

JADE & GOLDIE: Jade: My favourite is the Frankie Stacked
Goldie: The Frankie Tan Abstract 

SIR. What's next for Rainbow Studios and Henson & Gold? 

GOLDIE: We have so many ideas and goals for the brands. For 2024, we would really like to build a stronger partnership between RS and Henson & Gold. We have found that having the jewellery present in our Darlinghurst Showroom really serves our growing community and we would love to see how this builds if we develop the jewelry in store with a new collection. So that is something we would love to keep investing our energy into.

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348 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia

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