SIR. works with a variety of partners to do our part in giving back to vulnerable communities. We are honoured to have long standing relationships with these organisations.


SIR. has engaged in two pilot programs with Vert Science™ – both accelerating the promotion of real change in processes by encouraging insetting, as opposed to offsetting. A major focus in our journey with Next Gen materials in a bid to increase circularity and transparency within the business through fabrics certifications, Good Earth Cotton® and 'Fabrics Of The Future'. 


SIR. and The Batchelor Institute have held a mutual alliance since 2018. 

After a trip to The Northern Territory, SIR. Directors, Nikki Campbell and Sophie Coote wanted to give back to the land and communities that have given so much. As a brand built through technology, the partnership with an institute anchored in technology was a no brainer.  

“The Batchelor Institute is a not-for-profit organisation that ‘brings together Indigenous Australian traditions of knowledge and Western academic disciplinary positions and cultural contexts, and embraces values of respect, tolerance and diversity.'

“As an Australian business that built our success in the fashion industry through technology, this partnership is very synergistic. The projects that the institute run also focus on the progression of fashion with technology, so, naturally, we’re thrilled to be working together.” - Nikki Campbell

While COVID put a hold on plans to host students at our head office, we are forward planning activities that will have a tangible impact on the students.


Founded by Sophie Ginns and Pip Best, Worn For Good is on a mission to create space for a circular fashion cycle, while uplifting vulnerable communities. 

SIR. makes regular donations of samples and excess stock to Worn for Good to be sold on and given a second life with 100% of profits going back to the WFG partner charities, providing aid to vulnerable communities.


SIR. is conscious of textile waste and regularly donates dead stock to the Thread Together initiative that distributes clothing to people in need through their national network of charities and social service agencies.