Our values at SIR. are anchored by people and planet; we are dedicated to making conscious business decisions that
gear our operations toward a more sustainable future, and preserve our planet.

SIR. sustainability initiatives

Below are our key initiatives driving us toward becoming stronger with our sustainability standards. 

• We stock limited quantities of this seasonal product, only re-ordering styles as required to reduce unnecessary waste and limit our environmental impact. 
• We work with a made to order business model with our makers to avoid over ordering and waste. 
• Our knitwear is woven piece by piece resulting in limited fabric waste per item. 
• Excess stock is donated to one of our apparel partners who help to empower women in need – Thread together, Worn for good, Dress for success or The Red Cross. 
• In 2020 we converted to Biodegradable ecommerce satchels.
• We are currently in testing to convert all of our incoming and outgoing packaging to be 100% biodegradable by early 2022.
• While we are in the process of converting to 100% biodegradable packaging, all current packaging is taken to a recycling facility to ensure it is processed responsibly. 

SIR. sustainability goals

While we’re not perfect, we are driven to making changes today that aid in preserving our planet for tomorrow. We have committed to these short term goals to action our commitment. 

• Eliminate single use plastic in our stores and on set by February 2021.
• Introduce 100% recyclable packing by March 2021.  Including tissue paper, stickers, packing tape.
• Reduce office general waste by 70%, making 80% of office waste compostable by early 2022.
• Transition incoming and outgoing packaging to be to 100% biodegradable by early 2022.

These ambitions are monitored quarterly, and will be updated as we make progress and set more goals.