Reflexión. A story by Annie Powers and Elly McGaw. Starring Anita Pozzo. 

Step into a mirage, an otherworldly landscape that exists somewhere between a physical space and the unknown. Resort ‘24 draws on the beauty of the natural world and the sense of tranquillity that comes from being in nature.  Elements call to organic forms, met with prints that mimic the undulating waves of sand dunes and the hazy oasis on the horizon. Silhouettes shadowed by the sun in a palette found from the sky to the sand across are recast in quintessential SIR. style – reimagined to compose a collection reinforcing the feeling of an eternal summer.  

Photographer: Annie Powers
Videographer: Ribal Hosn
Stylist: Elly Mcgaw
Hair: Maranda Widlund
Makeup: Jasmine Abdallaoui
Talent: Anita Pozzo