SIR Values From The Directors

V a l u e s


As Directors of a contemporary fashion label, we recognise our responsibility to operate in a manner that is empowering of all people who come into contact with our supply chain while being conscious of our planet.

We are dedicated to working alongside our partners to ensure responsible business practices are in place to reflect our fundamental brand values of integrity and transparency.

We are committed to helping create change in an industry that can too often be exploitative, as well as continually educating ourselves on social and environmental practices that are considerate of our makers, our planet and our customers. From our overseas manufacturers to our international stores we strive for our core values at SIR. to be reflected on every level.

Nikki Campbell & Sophie Coote
Directors, SIR.


As the creators of SIR. we are dedicated to upholding our social and environmental responsibilities, with all existing and future partners.

This requires ongoing education for our entire team, including our makers and regular communication with all partners to understand their values and roadblocks to ensure all practices are consistent with our SIR. standard.

We encourage open dialogue and feedback that can enable us to further implement fair and inclusive standards that are reflective of everything we stand for at SIR; people and planet, integrity and transparency.

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