For Spring Summer ’19 we drew inspiration from the changes in art and fashion that occurred during and after the 18th century.

Her pride lies in her unwavering zest for life, she wears it like insignia on her collar. This demonstrative act heroes the subtle nuances that combine to personify the crux of her inner femaleness.

Severity doesn’t live here, womanly shapes and lines abound, a restatement of the SIR brand’s heritage through puff sleeves, ruching, ruffles, tiers and embroidery.

With a seasonal shift towards decorative elements, we developed our own original scalloped embroidery cross pleat fabric.

Styles in this fabric are placement cut, each panel engineered to the embroidery and/or pleat detail. A nod, to the SIR girl’s originality and attention to detail.

She’s strong-willed and catches the gaze of all when she enters the room. Her femininity alights through her personal style, favouring pleated knits and embroidered silk.

The campaign was shot in the honey-hued sunlight of WA. Sylvè Colless captured model Charlie Newman, expertly complimented with pared-back styling by Freddie Fredericks and make up by Joanna Luhrs.