Knitted Dresses

Made from premium fabric, the Knitted Dress Collection from SIR offers a luxurious selection of modern-style dresses. Embrace an effortless look with a variety of silhouettes, from fitted long-sleeve knitted dresses to flowy maxi knitted dresses. These pieces are perfect for any occasion, offering a sophisticated take on casual and event dressing.


The collection features a range of textures and styles for comfort and drape. Discover the elegance of a classic knitted summer dress, ideal for everyday wear or an evening out. Explore bolder options like knitted cut-out dresses, perfect for special occasion wear.


Whether you seek a relaxed look for a beach getaway with a knit beach dress or a more refined option for an event, SIR's Knitted Dress Collection offers high-quality wardrobe essentials for vacation and occasion dressing. Explore more SIR Dresses beyond knitwear to discover a world of silhouettes and fabrics.