A story of exploration, slowing time, nurturing nature, starting anew and growing up, surrounded by a supportive community and looking to the future while being informed by the past.

The feeling of arrival hopes to mirror the evolution of SIR we expand, breathing life into new categories. This season, this feeling translated through a deeper dive into swimwear, and an assertive foray into suiting that feels sharp yet somehow easy and deconstructed. 

BillieJean Hamlet and Francis Kamara join Charlee Fraser and Agi Akur as the

latter return to their roles of SIR muses.

The stills chronicle this new life - a piecing together of gestures, memories and time, captured and compiled almost as in an old photo album. Throughout, there's a sense of connection - with oneself, with the land, and with each other. 

The future ever still, ever calm, ever blue.